Thursday, January 1, 2015

Adam's Shadowdamsel (Drepanosticta adami)

Adam's Shadowdamsel is one of the rarest endemic damselfly so far recorded only from few localities of the Knuckles range and its outskirts in the north-central part of the country . It was originally described from specimens collected from Madugoda near Urugalla in 1932 by F.C. Fraser.  After more than seven decades Karen Conniff observed and photographed it in Simpson's forest near Hunnasfalls in April 2006 and again in October 2007 and 2010. Karen Conniff and Matjaz Bedjanic observed a single juvenile female near Urugalla in end of May 2009. Matjaz Bedjanic also reported it from two streams in Simpson's forest in October 2012. Those are the only published sightings of this damselfly up to date( 7 records from 5 sites)

My Observations

* A female was observed and photographed in Udamaliboda trail of Peak Wilderness forest reserve (Sripada FR) close to Kuru river crossing (6°49'36.42"N, 80°28'4.80"E) in February 2014. (See above picture). If my identification is correct it is the first record of it from Central hills and outside the Knuckles range.

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