Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Indian Swiftlet/ඉන්දු උප තුරිතයා/කැදලි තුරිතයා [Indu Upa Thurithaya/Kedali Thurithaya] (Aerodramus unicolor)


A fairly common breeding resident, locally occurred throughout the country over towns, open country and forest canopy. But it is much common in the hill country. It feeds mainly on flying insects as flocks, sometimes in company with other swifts. The breeding season appears to be in the first half of the year and probably again from August to September. It build a nest, a small half cup constructed with its own saliva, more or less mixed with moss and other fibrous materials, affixed to the surface of a ledge or the sloping roof of a cave, railway tunnel, culvert or such a place. It lays two eggs and half grown young birds seems to be prefer clinging to the outside of the nest. Indian Swiftlet use same caves for breeding as well as for the roosting as large colonies and always choose darkest part of the cave for the nest.