Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Conjoined Swift (Pelopidas conjunacta)

W. Ormiston while describing of this Swift in 1924 wrote - “It is not rare at Haldummulla, but is difficult to catch in first class condition. I have also taken it at Haputale, Madampe and Galle, and have specimens from Ratnapura” – (The Butterflies of Ceylon). Ironically above ‘First class specimen’ was also ‘caught’ in a plantation of Pines in Haldummulla (6º 45´ 923˝ N, 80º 52´ 986˝ E). It is considered as an uncommon butterfly of all elevations of wet and intermediate zones up to 900m (An Illustrated guide to Butterflies of Ceylon – Rajika Gamage – 2007). However contrary to that above location is 1231m above sea level. Larva of Conjoined swift feeds on paddy and grasses of family Poaceae.

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