Friday, October 22, 2010

අසෝක/දියරතඹල[Ashoka/Diyarathabala](Saraca Asoca)

An indigenous tree of about 9m tall found in low country forests, basically in dry zone and also cultivated in home gardens as an ornamental plant. 


  1. Beautiful colours. The backlit effect adds to the visual appeal although I would have personally avoided it unless I want to create a special effect.

    Rich in medicinal properties, extracts from this tree are used extensively to cure various "ailments" related to female sexual health in traditional medicines in our part of the world. Hence the common name Ashoka—which means reliever of shoka or sorrows of women. :)

  2. Hi Amila
    Thanks for commenting on my blog with very interesting further details on this plant. It is really interested of etymological description of word Ashoka :)