Sunday, November 7, 2010

Black-crowned night heron/ Raa Koka (Nycticorax nycticrax)

Common resident bird of marshes, mangroves, rivers, tanks and lagoons of low country both wet and dry zone and foot hills.  Nocturnal in habit and spending the day time roosting communally in trees.  Its food consists mainly of fish, frogs and some water insects.


  1. I've seen them around Kandy lake. That's probably the best place to photograph them,you can get very close to them there,they seem not to fear humans much,having seen lots of people around the lake daily,I think.

  2. Amila
    Yes I have also seen this bird roosting in trees around Kandy lake during day time. Above picture was taken at Thalangama tank, another good site to photograph roosting Night herons a well as several other waders.