Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Desert rose (Adenium obesum )

Native to eastern Africa and Northern Arabian countries (Kenya, Uganda, Arabia and Mozambique). Cultivated in gardens as an ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical countries. Flowering mainly after the dry period and it is very resistance to the dry climate. Sometimes referred as “Pride of Japan” though it is not a native shrub of Japan (Kottegoda S.R.1994).


  1. As beautiful as the the song in that name....
    We used to call it "Japan Araliya"
    Bytheway, I like the cool new appearence of your blog.

  2. Patali
    Thank for the other Sinhalese name which I was not aware.
    Thanks again for the comment on new appearance. Yes it is better but have some disadvantages. Now other blogs I am following including yours are not shown and also no spcae for followers list of my blog :( But don't want to change it for the time being since this is very attractive especially photographer's point of view.

  3. Well, It needs some getting used to, I suppose.

    Is it me or do I vaguely remember being told, that this blog is not about photography when I commented on a composition of a picture sometime back :P

  4. :D You have a good memory.;)
    But the context is different in two instances I suppose:)

  5. Where can I buy these plants in Sri Lanka please?

    1. Judy
      Probably available with any ornamental plant sellers.