Sunday, June 3, 2012

White-naped Woodpecker/Black-rumped Woodpecker/Black-backed Yellow Woodpecker (Chrysocolaptes festivus)

Rather uncommon breeding resident found in dry low lands, mainly in coconut plantations. Scattered and local populations sometime occur in wet lowlands (e.g. Gampaha).  Its food consists of wood boring insects and seeds. The breeding season is from January to March and probably again from August to September and nest hole often hewn in the trunk of a coconut tree where it lays two eggs. 


  1. I've seen this one in my home garden once. but was unable to capture. But Black-rumped Flameback is a very common sight in my garden. Nice picture again

  2. Dilshan
    What is the exact location of your observation?

  3. Hi Bushana, is what I posted on a Black-rumped flameback? If it is, it's a pretty common bird within the municipal boundary of Kurunegala. Why is the red color of my one?

  4. HI Amila
    I couldn't find the image you referred above in the relevant link. But anyway if it had red color upper plumage it can't be this one. It is either Black-rumped Flameback(Dinopium benghalense)( or Greater Flameback(Chrysocolaptes lucidus)