Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Banded Redeye (Gangara lebadea subfasciata)

Very rare skipper found in lowlands of the island while females are much rarer than males. It is the second largest Hesperiidae of Sri Lanka. It flies dawn of the day and again late in the evening. W. Ormiston noted that “I have never seen a specimen alive….and the Kandy collectors brought me plenty in August, 1918 and 1919” (Ormiston W. 1924). Larva feeds on varies plants of family Arecaceae (Gamage R. 2007).


  1. Congratulations for capturing such a rare creature!. Nice work. BTW where have u spotted this one?

  2. Dilshan
    Considering its rareness and vulnerability due to that from collectors I would like to keep location as a secret. If you really need to know, just email me so that I can let you know the place.