Tuesday, October 29, 2013

පරවියා/ගල් පරවියාRock Pigeon[Indian Blue Rock Pigeon]/Parewiya/Gal Parewiya (Columba livia intermedia)

True wild Rock Pigeon is very similar to feral birds with similar plumage with two dark bands on the wings, while other feral birds have varies colors and patterns. Wild birds are very rare and restricted to the some offshore rocky islets from north-east to south. Pigeon Island of off Trincomalee has the largest wild population. It is also occurring rarely in inland dams in reservoirs and similar structures in some large tanks in the dry lowlands. It lives as small flocks.  As per Henry off shore birds visiting the mainland daily for foods, where they feed on waste grains and varies seeds and herbs (Henry G.M., 1998). Wild birds normally perch on rocks cliffs and the like and not on trees.  The breeding season appears to be from February to June and nesting colonially on rock cliffs of the islets. The nest is a pad of sticks and grasses placed on rocks or on a ledge. Domestic birds common in towns and villages breed throughout the year.

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