Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hump-nosed Lizard/Lyre-headed Lizard/ගැටහොඹු කටුස්සා/කරමල් බෝදිලිමා/බොහොඬා[Gatahombu Katussa/Karamal Bodilima/Bohonda](Lyriocephalus scutatus)

Hump-nosed Lizard is an endemic arboreal lizard found in shaded forests and adjoining well wooded home gardens and plantations from wet lowlands to mid hills (up to about 1600m a.s.l.). It feeds on insects[termites, butterflies, moths], earthworms,  young shoots and buds as well as fruits on both trees and on land. It is a diurnal lizard and during night ascending high up trees to sleep. If cornered it opens its mouth wide to show the bright red color inside, change body color  and also practicing death feigning. 

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