Sunday, February 2, 2014

බාඳුරා වැල්[Badura wel]/Pitcher-plant (Nepenthes distillatoria)

A woody leaf climber reaching top of tall trees or growing over lower vegetation in primary and secondary forests of the lowland wet zone.  Also grows in scrublands. The insectivorous habit of the plant is believed to be as an adaptation to meet nutritional deficiency when it occurs in poor soils. However plant can be found in both poor and rich soils. The lid over the pitcher functions as insect attraction due to its reddish green or brown color and also prevent dilution of its insect-digesting fluid with rain water. The fluid in the 'pitcher' part of the leaf is prescribed as a remedy for whooping cough by some indigenous medical practitioners and prescribes to taken orally. The stems are used as rough cordage. 

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