Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pethiyagoda’s Crestless Lizard/පෙතියාගොඩගේ කොදු-දැති රහිත කටුස්සා (Calotes pethiyagodai)

The Crestless lizard inhabiting Knuckles range has been recently described as a new endemic species base on morphological features (Amarasinghe T. et. al., 2014). It is restricted to the elevations between 900-1400m of the Knuckles range and inhabits forest edges rather than dense forests and found on trees and shrubs. It feeds on insects like dragonflies, moths and butterflies.  

Amarasinghe T. et. al., 2014 A new species of the genus Calotes (Squamata: Agamidae) from high elevations of the Knuckles Massif of Sri Lanka. Amarasinghe A.A.T., Karunarathna D.M.S.S., Hallermann J., fujinuma J., Grillitsch H. & Campbell P.D. Zootaxa 3785 (1): 059078.

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