Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tricolor Pied Flat (Coladenia indrani tissa )

Rather uncommon butterfly occurs all over the island from sea level to about 700m asl . It has a fast flight though often does not fly far when disturbed and settles under side of a leaf with its wings spread out flat. Its larva feeds on leaves of varies plants such as Pterospermum suberifolium [Fishing rod tree/වෙලං], Berrya cordifolia [Trincomalee wood/හල්මිල්ල], Grewia damine[දමිණිය], Grewia helicterifolia [බොරු දමිණිය], Grewia orientalis [වැල් කෑලිය/වැල් මැදිය], Microcos paniculata [කෑලිය/කොහුකිරිල්ල], Streblus asper and Bridelia retusa [කැටකෑල] (Jayasinghe H.D. et. al. 2014)

Jayasinghe H.D., Rajapaksha S.S. & de Alwis C. 2014 A Compilation and Analysis of food plants utilization of Sri Lankan butterfly larva (Papilionoidea) Taprobanica Vol 6(2) 110-131pp.

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