Monday, April 20, 2015

Malabar Trogon [Ceylon Trogon]/මහ ගිනි-කුරුල්ලා/ලෝහවන්නිච්චා[Maha Gini Kurulla/Lohawannichcha] (Harpactes fasciatus fasciatus)

An uncommon breeding resident inhabiting dense forests from wet lowlands to hills while local and rare in the dry zone forests. It lives in fairs or as small flocks. Feeds on flying insects such as beetles, moths, stick insects, etc darting out from the perched location where it stays motionless without noticing any casual observers. Often feeds during dawn and dusk. It join feeding flocks. Malabar Trogon breeds from February to June. The nest is a cavity in a tree trunk, usually a rotten dead one and where it lays 2-3 eggs. Both male and female incubate. 

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