Monday, January 25, 2016

Atlas Moth (Attacus taprobanis)

A large moth lives in Southern India and Sri Lanka. Adult moths do not take foods and survive on fat they have stored from the larval period. The females sitting most calm and emit pheromones, that the active males can notice from a distance. As per Moore at that time Attacus taprobanis was a common insect in the Colombo. Probably due to readily availability of its host plant Cinnamon in the cultivation. 

Location - Ambagaspitiya, Gampaha district.
Wing expanse - 17 - 23 cm
Reference - The Lepidoptera of Ceylon - F. Moore, F.Z.S. Vol 2 Page 124-125.
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Larval host plants - "Feeds on Cinnomon and others trees (Thwaites)" - Moore, F.Z.S., 1882-3
                                     Elaeocarpus serratus (වෙරළු/Wild Olive) - (Rohana Gunawardana Personal communication )

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