Monday, April 25, 2016

තිබ්බටු/ගෝන-බටු[Tibbatu, Gona-Batu] (Solanum torvum)

Common indigenous shrub occurs along roadsides and waste places especially in the wet zone up to about 1400m alt. Flowering throughout the year. 


  1. photos are very clear. I bought a nikon D3200. but I cant take that kind of photos. Any tips!

    1. when taking pictures of plants most of the time we don't have enough natural light, especially when it come to plants grows in the forests. So that we have to use additional light source such as built-in or external flash. Most of these pictures were taken with flashes. Also to get all details of the flower you have to maintain good depth of field. Also you need to stop shaking of both camera and the object (in this case flower). To fulfill above two requirements you have to have higher shutter speed (Above 1/250 ) and small aperture ( Small in the sense big in number like F-11 or higher) If you are using only the available natural light you are not in a position to give both of above simultaneously. That is why you need additional light source (i.e. A Flash). Also do consider that almost all of my macro photos were taken with a 100 mm/f2.8 Macro lens and sharpness which gives is superior than the picture taken by using normal zoom lenses. (These images were taken with shutter speed 250 and Aperture F-18 with camera mounted external flash )

  2. Thank u very much for the detailed explanation. My lens is not a zoom lens. but there is an in built flash.