Friday, June 24, 2016

Knoxia spicata

An endemic herb or low shrub rather common in forests and open places in the montane areas.


  1. Hi Bushana,

    Just want to clarify about a flora type endemic to SL. I am looking for a tree called Kalumediriya for sometime. (

    I have seen three species mentioned as Kalu mediriya.

    Diospyros quaesita ; Diospyros chaetocarpa ; Diospyros oppositifolia

    Do you know which plant is real 'Kalumediriya'?


    1. It is not possible of finding a Sinhala name for each and every plant scientifically categorized as a species. Also trying to identify plants just by Sinhalese name is most of the time confusing since same name use for different plant species and same species have different vernacular names in different areas. With regards the Kalumadiriya you are referring above you may have observed that all three plants belong to same genus Diospyros. So eventhough botanist identified above three species as three different plants for our folks all three are just a single plant. Because they have not observed minor or major characteristics among them. Hence for them it is a single plant though scientist have noticed some features and described them as three different species. So all three are kalumadiriya for lay people

  2. Thanks for the clarification Bushana.

    Have you seen this plant anywhere? Do you know where to find it?