Wednesday, August 17, 2016

බෝවිටියා/කටකළුවා/මහා බෝවිටියා[Bovitiya/Katakaluwa/Maha bovitiya]Malabar blackmouth(Melastoma malabathricum)

Common native shrub occurs along roadsides, river banks, disturbed places and thickets in wet and montane zones. Flowering throughout the year. The pulp inside the fruit is edible and it stains black. Hence the vernacular name Katakaluwa (Meaning 'Black mouth')

*Unlike this aberrant specimen of 6 petal flower with 12 stamens, usually Melastoma malabathricum flower is pentamerous and it has 10 stamens (5 long and 5 shorter). 

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