Thursday, December 8, 2016

Paddyfield Pipit/Indian Pipit/ගොමරිට්ටා[Gomaritta]/කෙත් වැරටිච්චා[Keth Waratichcha] (Anthus rufulus)

Rather common breeding resident inhabiting grasslands, paddy fields and open areas throughout the island. It lives in pairs or sometimes as scattered flocks. Paddyfield Pipit feeds on grasshoppers, ground beetles and other such insects on ground. It occasionally perch on trees and shrubs but usually inhabiting the ground, running swiftly over the grass, often standing erect to view the surrounding. The main breading season is from March to July though nests may be found during the other months of the year. The nest, cup made up of pad of grass, rootlets, etc. is placed on the ground under the shelter of grass tussock. The normal clutch consists of three eggs. 

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