Friday, February 23, 2024

Small Minivet/හීන් ගිණිකුරුල්ලා/පුංචි මිණිවිත්තා[hin Ginikurulla/Punchi Minivitta] (Pericrocotus cinnamomeus)

 Rather uncommon breeding resident of wooded home gardens, open forests and scrublands with scattered trees from lowland to mid hills in every climatic zones. But it avoids interior of rainforests. Small Minivet lives as pairs or as small flocks and feeds on larvae, grasshoppers, moths, etc. in the crowns of trees, by flitting from one tree to another, following one another to the next in their chosen territory. It breeds mainly from February to May by laying two or three eggs in a tiny cup shape nest made of lichens, leaf midribs and cobwebs and bounds to a lichen-covered small branch or fork of a forest tree or a rubber tree or a tree growing in the tea plantations.  

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