Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Changeable Hawk-Eagle(Spizaetus cirrhatus)

Changeable hawk-eagle is a rather common breeding resident mainly inhabits low country dry zone(less common in wet zone) and medium elevations of the hills up to 1500m. It keeps its habitats to open forest areas and grasslands with trees such as chena cultivations and tank borders spending much of its time perch on an exposed branch of a tree, looking out of prey which consists mainly of lizards, rodents and birds upon which it pounces with unexpected rush. It breeds during early months of the year and sometimes in June-July. Nest a large platform of sticks and twigs build about 12 – 30m up in a tall tree generally on a hill side or edge of a ravine. Both sexes share in building the nest though only female incubate. Most of the time clutch size is a single egg.

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