Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Common Mormon (Papilio Polytes)

Common butterfly occurs all over the island though becoming scarce at higher elevations above 2000ft. There are three varieties of female of this butterfly. One similar to the male and known as cyrus and second one mimic Crimson Rose (Pachliopta hector) and has been named as Romulus. Third one is known as Stichius and which mimic Common Rose (Pachliopta aristolochiae). Food plant of Common Mormon is Toddalia asiatica (Kudu-mirissa) when it occurs in jungles and also favored all type of citrus trees such as Citrus limon(Dehi) and various plants of family Rutaceae ( Murraya koenigii – Karapincha, Limonia acidissima – දිවුල් [Divul], Aegle marmelos – Beli ) Common Mormon is considered as a migratory species and joins the flights in great numbers usually in November –December.

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