Monday, July 19, 2010

බිනර/ගිණිහිරිය[Binara/Ginihiriya] (Exacum trinervium macranthum)

An endemic herb grows in moist places of the highlands mainly in southeastern part of the Central province. Common in Horton plains, Pattipola, Ambewela, Ohiya, Hakgala and Corbet’s gaps of knuckles range. Flowering from January to June and again in September to December.


  1. First time I saw a picture of this flower. I've never seen the real thing too,hope I'd recognize if I see one now that you've shown us the photo. Thanks mate!

  2. Best places to look 4 this variety of Binara is Patana grass lands of Horton plains especially in vicinity of small streams. If you are in right time I can assure you that you can find this plant with flowers near small streams you wd have to cross on the way to Kirigalkpoththa.