Sunday, July 11, 2010

පිනුම් කටුස්සා[Pinum Katussa]/Sri Lankan Kangaroo Lizard(Otocryptis weigmanni)

An endemic ground dwelling lizard confined to wet zone of the country (In forest areas from sea level up to 1300m). It inhabits on the leaf litter near forest streams. This lizard when disturbed may run bipedally (Rises on to its hind legs when running). That is the base for unusual name ‘kangaroo lizard’ for it. P.E.P. Deraniyagala mentions several Sinhalese names for this lizard – (Kala Katussa, Yak Katussa, Pinum Katussa, Thalli Katussa). Its diet consists of insects (Ants, Moths, Grasshoppers and Beetles), Spiders and occasionally plant materials such as tender shoots.


  1. Well,that was very interesting! Where can I go from Kurunegala to see one?

    wild Sri Lanka

  2. There are records of this species from Dambulla and Kala oya area(Manthey 2009). It is replaced by closely related Octocryptis nigristigma in dry zone of the country (Also known as Kangaroo Lizard and considered as one and same species until recent time. It was in 2005 Bahir and Silva described it as a separate species). Though I have not encountered I think you might be able to find it from any forest stream around Kurunagala area such as Doluwa range. All my sightings of this lizard are from rain forest areas of wet zone (Sinharaja, Kanneliya, Waga forest reserve, Batdombalena, Dombagaskanda, Knuckles range, Peak wilderness...etc)