Friday, February 25, 2011

Merremia emarginata

Rather rare prostrate vine found in sandy places of dry zone. Indigenous. Also found in tropical Africa, tropical Asia and Malaysia.  Specimens were collected from Mannar, Kekirawa, Trincomalee, Batticola, Yala national park (Flora of Ceylon Vol 1 – Dassanayaka & Fosberg, 1980). Above picture was taken at Manthei of Mannar district


  1. Forgetting the fact that this flower is rare, the great composition makes this pic a masterpiece in its own right.
    really like the placement of the flowers among the foliage and sand, a good crop makes all the difference...

  2. Thanks 'Silent Moments' for commenting on composition of above picture:).Actually I hardly consider composition of a picture while posting on this blog since main purpose is not pictorial photography but to make awareness of our wild heritage.:)

  3. well, a nice presentation can make the quest for knowledge a much pleasent pursuit :)