Sunday, February 27, 2011

ඕලු මුවා/වැලි මුවා[Olu muwa/ Welli Muwa]/Barking Deer/Muntjack (Muntiacus muntjak malabaricus)

Found in forest areas throughout the Island though much common in lower hills.  Usually met alone or as pairs in forest edges always not much away from a dense cover to which it can retreat when a threat occurred. It feeds during night but can be also seen during early morning or late evening hours. It has a very peculiar cry which resembles to the barking of a dog. Hence its English name. Sometime it keep on barking intermittently for long period when alarmed by a leopard or such a intruder. Its food consist of grasses and leaves.


  1. Good example for innocence. Keep it up.

  2. Hi K.
    Only twice I have seen this in its jungle habitats. First time it was at a certain hotel bordered to castlereagh reservoir. It was browsing tender leaves growing in reservoir bunt in the early morning. It gave me enough time to take photographs but it was in some distance away and also dull morning light did not allow me to take good shots:( Encountering of above male is the second occasion few weeks back at Udawattakale forest reserve of Kandy. This injured male - probably due to a fighting between two males during mating season - found in a forest path was brought to Park entrance by Forest department officials to treat its wounds. So was it in wild I took this picture?? :) Anyway I like this 'portrait' with ofcourse innocent expression on its eyes as Shifan noted.

  3. Thats a lovely creature,
    how large is it?

    1. Like a tiny dog. About a foot of length from head to tail.

    2. See my comments below. you may have confused it with small meeminna.

  4. Patali

    It is about the size of average domestic dog. Its height at shoulder to about 45-60cm.