Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Long-eared false vampire bat/ කොටිකන් වවුලා[Kotikan wawula] (Megaderma spasma)

Even though true vampire bats have not been found in Sri Lanka, it is home to two species of false vampire bats. Long-eared false vampire bat can be found from lowlands to lower hills of the island. During day time these bats roost as small colonies usually consist of 2-12 individuals in abandoned houses, caves or in a hollow of a tree. It is much fond of tilled roofed houses. Late evening it emerges from its day time retreats and flies low among bushes in search of insects like beetles, grasshoppers, moths etc. 


  1. what exactly do you mean by "true" and "false" vampire bats?

  2. Vampire bats are bats whose food source is blood of other animals usually mammals. There are only three species of vampire bats in the world and all three species are native to the Americas, ranging from Mexico to Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. False vampire bats also originally considered as blood sucking bats but in fact feeding on insects and other small vertebrata such as other bats, lizards, and rats.

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