Friday, April 8, 2011

වෙලුක්[Weluk] (Caralluma umbellate)

A rare perennial herb growing on rocky outcrops of dry and intermediate zones of the island. Flowering in January or August to September. This plant use as an ingredient to prepare poultice to draw out broken pieces of thorns or spikes from the body and to prepare an oil in treating dislocation of bones (Medicinal plants used in Ceylon part 1 – Jayaweera 2006)


  1. i think its always good to say where you captured the specimen :)

  2. Hi Patali
    Thanks for the valuable suggestion. But in this case I would like not to make it public considering scarcity of this plant. I think we must protect this particular population from collectors for varies purposes. Because it is a place with easy access(It is a temple in Kurunagala district). If you really want to know the place I can let you know it by an email:)