Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Aggressive Riverhawk (Onychothemis tonkinensis ceylanica)

Though the type has come from Sri Lanka, there is no specimen in the Museum collection, nor have any of the usual authors reported on having seen any specimens from here” noted Terrence de Fonseka in 2000 (The Dragonflies of Sri Lanka WHT Publication). However Aggressive Riverhawk is a rare dragonfly of streams and rivers of lowland and mid-hill forest areas.  Above picture  of Aggressive Riverhawk was taken at the Kanneliya forest reserve while it was preying upon a Grey Pansy (Junonia atlites)


  1. Superb shot! This species is not as rare as TdF seemed to portrey. I think he could have done with some field work.

  2. Thanks Amila!!!
    Yes I think TdF has admitted that his book and especially distribution data of dragonflies solely depend on specimens deposited at BNHM and Colombo museum.