Thursday, December 22, 2011

නිදිකුම්ඹා[Nidi-kumba]/Sensitive plant/Touch-me-not (Mimosa pudica)

Nidi-kumba is a native plant of Brazil and now pantropical. It is said to be introduced by Alexander moon then director of Peradeniya Botanical garden to the Sri Lanka. However it may have been introduced much earlier (Flora of Ceylon - Vol 1). It is very common weed of roadsides, waste lands, etc throughout the island being much common in wet and intermediate zones.


  1. Yeah i know that mimosa is also called touch me not plant since it shrinks while someone touch its leaves.But still it has various medicinal effects i really like it

  2. Here they call it the TickleMe Plant because it really moves fast when Tickled, I just order a kit to grow my own and the tickleMe Plant book