Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Brown Shrike (lanius cristatus)

Brown shrike is a migrant to the island. It occurs as two races in Sri Lanka and race cristatus is the most common while Philippine Shrike or race lucionensis is uncommon. Both races can be seen in open areas with trees or bushes throughout the country. While its stay in Sri Lanka it feeds on insects like grasshoppers, beetles, etc. Brown shrike (race cristatus ) breeds in central Asian region and ‘Philippine’ in Eastern Asia


  1. How can u go so close to birds?How far were you from the bird? Was it morning or evening?

  2. Actually this was taken with a telephoto lens of 400mm so that you don't need to go closer to the bird ant it was about 4-5 meters away. It was morning and place is Thalangama tank one of the best bird habitat close to the Colombo.