Tuesday, October 23, 2012

නීලකොබෙයියා[Neela-Kobeiyya]/Emerald Dove/Bronze-winged Pigeon (Chalcophaps indica robinsoni)

Common breeding resident of forests and well wooded home gardens and plantations of all climatic zones while rare in higher hills and less common in drier areas. It feeds on various seeds, grains and berries and spends mainly on ground solitary or in pairs. Emerald Dove breeds all the year round but peak in February to March and possibly again in September. The nest is placed in a small tree or bush in jungle usually not very high from the ground where it lays two eggs.


  1. Very beautiful bird! I haven't seen them around where I live.

    1. NO idea where you live but it always prefer shady habitat no matter in a forest or well wooded garden.

    2. I live in Nainamadama, a small town in the North Western coastal belt, 30 miles far from the Capital.

    3. It is highly impossible of living emerald doves in such a densely populated area.