Thursday, December 27, 2012

Asystasia variabilis

An indigenous common herb found in waste lands, forest edges, along borders of paddy fields etc. in wet lowlands and hill country.  An indigenous herb common under shade along streams and footpaths in wet lowlands to mid country secondary forests. Flowering from August to March.*

* Text and species name of the initial post was changed according to the Jep de Vlas's comment below and correct identification given in the subsequently published his second book on flora of Sri lanka.


  1. Dear Bushana,
    today I wenth through your beautiful website, with splendid pictures of so many animals and plants of Sri Lanka!

    I saw that you gave at least one name in which I have made a mistake in our Illustrated Field Guide (Dopatrium nudicaule)
    Wen I saw this one, I realised that the wrong name is caused by myself. This is an Acanthaceae, but I am still not able to tell which one. The real Artanama will be published in Vol 2 of the Illustrated Field Guide on which I am working every day now, this time with many pictures given by Sri Lankan photographers.

    Best, Jacob de Vlas, The Netherlands

    1. Dear Jacob de Vlas
      First of all Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog, I really appreciate your words especially when it comes from an expert on Sri Lankan flora like you. As a non botanists your illustrated guide is very helpful for me me to identifying plants, . Also happy to hear that second edition with more pictures and probably with more species is under preparation. If I have understood correctly I have also given wrong scientific names for both of above plants following your guide which is also wrong on those two? Looking forward to correct them soon with your latest edition hopefully.
      Best regards