Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pointed ciliate blue (Anthene lycaenina laycaenina)

Pointed ciliate blue can be easily distinguished from other similar species by pointed fore wings and two ‘tails’ of the hind wings.  It flies all over the island but common in the southern half of the island up to about 500m a.s.l. Larva believe to be feeds on Kiri-palu (Buchanania axillaris)


  1. Who says this blog go unnoticed? Lack of comments do not mean that nobody read it.We all admire the blog and the owner for valuable information and energy pour onto the blog to make it worthwhile. This is something rare among blogs. Very informative and a treasure trove for a person who study the flora and fauna of Sri Lanka.

  2. Thanks BL for the encouraging comment. About number of visitors of the blog I would like to tell you that normally there are around 200 hits per day.