Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baya Weaver/රුක් වඩු කුරුල්ලා[Ruk Wadu Kurulla] (Ploceus philippinus)

Common resident bird in the reed beds, paddy fields and marshy areas of the dry lowlands while local and uncommon in wet lowlands. It lives as large flocks. Baya weaver feeds on cultivated grains such as rice, Kurakkan, etc. and varies others seeds. It also takes insects to some extent. It breeds throughout the year in colonies. Male bird builds long pendulous nest usually overhanging the water.  Number of nests usually builds in a single tree where female bird lays 2-4 white eggs. 


  1. I wanted to see a 'wadu kurulla' but was unable to see one. Thank you for fulfilling my desire. What are the other varieties and can you post their photos too, please?

    1. You are welcome:)
      There is another species belong to same family and called as Pan wadu Kurulla (Streaked Weaver [Striated Weaver]/Pan Wadukurulla/Dara Wadu-Kurulla (Ploceus manyar flaviceps). Though it is not uncommon in SL yet to take a good picture of it. Will post it once get a chance of capturing it but no idea when:)