Friday, February 15, 2013

ගම් කපුටා/කලු කපුටා [Kalu Kaputa/Gam Kaputa]/Jungle Crow/Large-billed Crow (Corvus levaillantii)

Very common resident bird throughout the country while relatively uncommon in urban areas where House crow is abundant. It usually encounters as pairs or sometime as small flocks. Unlike House crow, Jungle crow is less dependent on man and sometime found in jungle areas remote from human habitations. Its food consists of both animal and vegetables subtances and also scavenges on carrions and human wastes. It place its nest which is a heap of twigs in a tall tree during April to September and lays 3-4 eggs.  


  1. What is the difference between house crow and the jungle crow?

    1. B. L.
      House crow has grey neck,nape and breast area while this one has totally black plumage. Also Jungle crow has a large billed contrary to the house crow. Also house crow is bit smaller than Jungle.

  2. Woow Crow is a amazing Bird!! Thanks For Post Bushana!!