Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Common Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus)

Common Kestrel occurs as two sub species in the island. European Kestrel or race tinnunculus is an uncommon winter migrant to the open country, forests and scrub lands of all climatic zones while Indian Kestrel or race objurgatus is a scarce breeding resident in the hills. According to the Dr Sarath Kotagama race interstinctus or Eastern Kestrel is also occurs as an uncommon migrant to the all zones of the island (Kotagama S. & Rathnavira G. 2010). Common Kestrel feeds mainly on lizards and insects like grasshoppers. It also preys on nestlings of ground-nesting birds, whenever it can find them (Henry G.M. 1998). The breeding season of the resident race is from March to June and it is said that it doesn't build a nest but deposits 2- 3 eggs on a ledge of rock on the face of an inaccessible cliff. While its staying in the country Common Kestrel is mostly a solitary bird and can be seen frequently hovering or perching on high branches in search of small animals to prey on with its keen eyes. 

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