Wednesday, June 5, 2013

කොහා[Koha]/Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus)

Common breeding resident in home gardens, cultivation and other wooded areas avoiding dense forests from lowlands to mid hills.  It feeds almost entirely on fruits including berries of some ornamental garden plants.  Mating call of male bird can be heard frequently during Sinhala new year season which happen to be start of its breeding season which last from April to August. It is a parasitic bird and  female bird lays eggs mainly on two species of crows (Jungle Crow and House Crow) and sometime of babblers nests.


  1. great . I have heard somewhere that Koha is a migratory bird from India . Is that true. Recently I heard the sound of Koel in a rural area of Vietnam too

  2. Bindi
    Not this species but few other koha species belong to same Cuculidae family to which this one also belong are migrating from India and some other countries in the Northern hemisphere. This one stays here throughout the year and it is the most common of the family. Other migratory birds are secretive and hardly seen.

  3. I am a sri lankan. Want to know or hear some beautiful birds or singing beautiful birds? Come to SriLanka here are original koels in Aprils.