Friday, August 30, 2013

ගිරාමලිත්තා/Gira Maliththa/Hanging Parrot/Lorikeet (Loriculus beryllinus)

An endemic and locally common bird of forests and well wooded home gardens in wet lowlands to mid hills. Also found in foothill areas of the dry lowlands. Hanging parrot is a strictly arboreal bird and usually encounters as solitary birds or as pairs (Warakagoda D et. al., 2012). However above bird was captured in a feeding flock, travelling through the Acacia plantation of Meethirgala forest reserve with at least 50 companions of the same species. It feeds on fruits, nectar of flowers, seeds and also juice of palms collected in toddy-drawers pots. While feeding it has very restless characteristic behavior of hangs at all sort of angles. It sleeps hanging head downward from a slender, leafy twig. Hanging Parrot breeds in a tree hole from March to June and sometime again from August to September. Female builds the nest with strips nibbled from the edge of green leaves and lays 2-3 white color eggs.  

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  1. Really nice capture. very informative. thanks a lot.