Sunday, May 11, 2014

බන්ඩි තිත්තයා/පොඩි පෙතියා/ඉපිලිකඩයා [Bandi Thiththaya/Podi Pethiya/Ipilikadaya]/Silver Barb (Puntius vittatus )

Common fish inhabiting ponds, streams, paddy fields and tanks in the low country - both wet and dry zone -  up to an elevation of about 300m. It is very hardy fish and is found even in ponds reduced to liquid mud during the drought (Deraniyagala P.E.P., 1952) It is also recorded from some brackish water bodies (Pethiyagoda R., 1991). Silver Barb feeds mainly on filamentous algae and blue-greens, and rarely on certain animal matters. 

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