Tuesday, May 6, 2014

මා වේවැල්/වඳුරු වැල්/පුවක් වැල්/කත් වැල්[Ma We-val/Vandhuru val/Puwak val/Kath val] (Calamus thwaitesii)

Occurs in wet lowlands and lower montane forests below 1500m a.s.l. and in intermediate lowlands from the foothills of Samanala nature reserve to southern Sinharaja (However absent in Northern Sinharaja), Hiniduma-Kanneliya and northward to Kandy upper Mahaweli and knuckles range. Also in some isolated hills in the dry zone such as Ritigala, Dimbulagala (Gunners Quoin), Nilgala and Sigiriya. Flowering from December to May and fruiting from August to October. Rattans used in furniture manufacturing and basketware and leaves for thatching.

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