Thursday, December 18, 2014

නඟා-මැරූ-අල [Naga-Maru-Ala]/Daffodil Orchid (Ipsea speciosa)

Rather common endemic ground orchid occurs in patana lands  in montane and sub-montane areas. One or two leaves sprout at the end of flowering period and shed when mature, followed by a resting period and after that flowers blooms at the end of spike rising out of the ground among grasses. 


  1. Koheda thiyenne mewa pelayak denna puluwanda

  2. Collecting from natural places as well as buying or selling endemic plants are illegal. let them survive in the wild and those are not to keep in your garden.
    ආවේනික ශාක ස්වභාවික ස්ථාන වලින් එකතු කිරීම, විකිනීම හෝ මිලදි ගැනීම නිතිවිරෝධි ක්‍රියාවකි. ඒවා තිබිය යුත්තෙ එම ස්වභාවික පරිසර වල මිස ඔබගේ හෝ මගේ ගෙවත්තේ නොවේ.