Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Small Grass Yellow (Eurema brigitta rubella)

Locally common butterfly occurs in grasslands of the hills from 200-2200m asl. larva feeds on Chamaecrista kleinii [බින් සියඹලා] , C. mimosoides [බින් සියඹලා  (van der Poorten, G. and van der Poorten N., 2013), C. auricoma, and C. nictitans (Jayasinghe H.D. et. al. 2014)

Jayasinghe H.D., Rajapaksha S.S. & de Alwis C. 2014 A Compilation and Analysis of food plants utilization of Sri Lankan butterfly larva (Papilionoidea) Taprobanica Vol 6(2) 110-131pp.

van der Poorten, G. and van der Poorten N., 2013. New and revised descriptions of the immature stages of some butterflies in Sri Lanka and their larval food plants (Lepidoptera : Pieridae). Part 1 : Subfamilies Pierini (in part) and Coliadinae. Tropical Lepidoptera, 23: 22–31.

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