Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lesser Flamingo (Annotated checklist of vagrant Flamingos (Family: Phoenicopteridae) of Sri Lanka)

      Birds that appear outside their normal range are known as vagrants. This post listed up to date published sight records of a single *unconfirmed vagrant of the family Phoenicopteridae (Flamingos) in Sri Lanka.

* Species for which there are only one or two sight records exist categorized here as unconfirmed vagrants. Problematic records without sufficient details are also included.

     1) Lesser Flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor)
Although definite evidence were lacking there were references to the possible presence of Lesser flamingos among Greater Flamingos in Hambantota area in September 1975 (Hoffmann, T. W., 1976). As per Kotagama & Ratnavira only record of Lesser Flamingo migrating to the Sri Lanka is the four birds recorded in a lagoon near Hambantota in 4th January 1983 (Kotagama S. & Ratnavira G. 2010: 170 Quoting CBCN 1984, Dec: 43). However CBC has listed this sight record under Appendix 2 of its country list ( under the criteria of the report ‘lacks sufficient diagnostic detail or, where necessary, sufficient comparison with ‘confusion’ species or subspecies; and there is therefore doubt as to the identification of the bird concerned’. However CBC web site posted a recent sight record on 19th February 2013 of two Lesser Flamingos from Jaffna on the Karainagar Causeway reported by Uditha Hettige, Lester Perera and Udaya Sirivardana (


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Kotagama, S., Ratnavira, G., 2010. An illustrated Guide to the Birds of Sri Lanka. Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka, Colombo.

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