Monday, March 9, 2015

Quaker (Neopithicops zalmora)

Quaker is a common butterfly occurs in forested areas from low lands to hills (Up to about 500ft) all the year round. It takes part in migrations and often settles on damp earth, sometime in swarms. Quaker's dry seasonal form is larger than wet seasonal form. Larva feeds on leaves of දොඩම්පාන (Glycosmis pentaphylla) (Woodhouse L.G.O., 1950 ),  බොල් පනා (Glycosmis angustifolia ) and  යකි නාරන් (Atalantia ceylanica) (Jayasinghe H.D. et. al. 2014)


Woodhouse L.G.O., 1950  The Butterfly Fauna of CeylonCeylon Government Press, Colombo, 2nd (Abriged) Edition.  1950.

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