Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Streaked Kukri Snake/Dumerill's Kukri Snake/පුල්ලි දත් කැටියා [Pulli Datkatiya] (Oligodon sublineatus)

Streaked Kukri Snake is a small (26-31 cm in length) non-venomous and terrestrial snake endemic to the Sri Lanka. It is diurnal in habit and active mostly during the dusk. Streaked Kukri Snake is mainly distributed from wet lowlands to mid hills (Few earlier records also available from some localities of the dry lowlands), both in forested areas and the vicinity of human habitations.  It hides under decaying leaves, logs, stones and inside silted drains. It feeds mainly on reptile eggs, insects, spiders and small reptiles. When cornered it twist itself into a ball and sometime slightly expands fore body and flattens its head and makes it triangular, mimicking vipers.  

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