Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crimson Rose (Pachliopta hector)

Crimson rose is a common butterfly of all over the low country up to mid hills of about 1000ft a.s.l. However it is much plentiful in dry zone than in other areas, even during driest of seasons. They fly close to the ground and flight is fast and straight. Female can be distinguished from the male (see above picture) by having much duller yellowish color spots on the upper side of the hind wing. Also female is generally larger than males. It take part in migrations and Ormiston recorded of seeing fair number of crimson rose butterflies “far out to sea, off the Indian and Ceylon coasts” in November 1914 and stated further that several of them came on board the ship. Its feeding plant in larva stage is Sapsanda (Aristlchia Indica Or Aristolochia bracteolate).

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  1. My desperate attempts to photograph one of them since the starting of spring this year have all failed so far. Sigh! Beautiful creature!