Saturday, August 14, 2010

කිතලා[Kithala]Purple Swamphen/Purple coot(Porphyrio porphyrio)

Common resident bird of low country tanks, swamps and reed-beds of both wet and dry zones. Usually keeps in small parties of less than 10 birds and can be seen walking over floating vegetation or stalking through the reed beds. However bigger congregations are not uncommon. Though it can swim well does not often do so unless compelled.Flight is fast and also can make long flights. It keeps its feet extending beyond tail in flight. Feed mainly on vegetable matters and some insects. Nesting on heap of vegetation in reed-bed during the first half of the year while peak is from March to May. It is very noisy and quarrelsome especially during the breeding season and birds chasing one another are frequently occurred at that time. 


  1. I've seen those at "Hirana" and "Rukgaha" "thotupala"s of Bolgoda lake. I even made a video clip of one a little while ago,but the bird was too distant for the clip to be any good, so I discarded it.

  2. I have seen even in Colombo specially there is a marshy wetland patch in Colombo golf ground ."kithala" swamp-hen and several marshy birds are found .

  3. Today I have seen those at kawantiss Wewa of Embilipitiya. 7 birds were there very nice seen.