Saturday, August 21, 2010

Common bronze-back/තුරු හාල්දණ්ඩා/මූකලන් හාල්දණ්ඩා[Thuru/Mookalan Haal Danda] (Dendrelaphis schokari)

Non–venomous arboreal snake inhabiting forest and open areas of all climatic zones of island from lowlands to about 750m a.s.l. Diurnal and though a tree snake it is observed of foraging on land as well in searching of its prey which consist of frogs, lizards, geckos, skinks, insects and also eggs of small birds. It can make long jumps among trees if necessary while chasing its prey. It can be distinguished easily from other Dendrelaphis species by having a cream color spotted line on its olive green dorsal from neck to mid fore body along the spine. 


  1. 'Haldanda' and 'Ahara kukka' are my favourite snakes. I used to touch their tails while they move, knowing that they are harmless.

  2. :) It may be harmless as long as you keep on touching only its tail. Though Haaldandas are non-venomous they can bite you severely when handling. Somaweera reported a bite of his hand by this same Dendrelaphis [] (D.tristis is the old name for this species before recent taxonomic review) species in Wlpaththu resulted a swelling lasted for nearly three days. He guess that it is because of even non-venomous snakes possessing of 'toxic-saliva'. So next time....Be careful :))

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