Saturday, January 8, 2011

Common Nawab (Polyura athamas)

Nawab is a fast flying rare butterfly from sea level to about 1500m elevation of hill country excluding extreme North.  Larva feed on varies Acacia spp( හිඟුරු-වැල්[Hinguru-Vel] (Acacia caesia)), Albizzia spp and also Caesalpinia spp


  1. One of my bogey species; I am yet to see one.
    Nymphalids have personality, don't they?

  2. Though it is said that Nawab is a common butterfly of lowlands to mid hills, I have encountered it only once in all my wanderings of Sri Lankan jungle areas. Location is Kasagala temple peak of Kurunagala district (7 40.935'N, 80 25.202' E)) It flies very fast and difficult to capture on 'film'. In photographers point of view yes I agree with you. Most Nymphalids have personality:)

  3. I think I've seen one around Ethugala rock,but not sure. Apart from being a fast flier,is it quite a big one too?

  4. Amila K.
    While not ruling out its occurrence at Ethugala I would like to emphasize that it is not a 'quite big' one but rather medium size one about the common palmfly.